Outreach isn’t easy. That’s why there are hundreds of software companies out there who have built specialist tools just to help us manage our outreach campaigns! Links can be the competitive edge between your site and the other sites in your industry who are targeting the same search terms. While it may not be easy, securing those top link placements is definitely worth it when they rank your site at the top of page one!

Listed below are some of the best outreach tools that can help you plan, track and manage your outreach campaigns. Let’s jump straight in!


Top shared content on Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a great all-round tool, not just for outreach. It’s a content marketing goldmine which is used by marketers and agencies across the globe. The main way to use Buzzsumo for outreach is by taking advantage of it’s wealth of content analytics.

With Buzzsumo, you can find the top performing content in a particular niche, topic or industry. You can review top performing content around your chosen topic and create a shortlist of sites you’d like to use for outreach. This can be achieved with guest posts, link insertions or any other method – just make sure you’re offering some sort of value in return for the mention.

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This tool is very easy to use and allows you to filter by location, number of shares, content type and much more. Definitely a handy piece of kit!


Pitchbox screenshot

Pitchbox is an absolute machine when it comes to outreach. There are so many features, it can be slightly overwhelming at first. That being said, once you learn the process, Pitchbox can be your all-in-one outreach manager and it’s extremely powerful.

You’ll have access to prospecting tools to find outreach opportunities, automatic email finders, automatic follow-ups, personalization data and an email automation system. There are so many elements of this tool that deserve a mention but we’ll stick to the basics.

With Pitchbox, you’ll be able to scale your outreach and focus your time on the more important outreach tasks such as negotiating with influencers and building connections. Prospecting is a breeze with plenty of campaign options and quick campaign set-ups. You can manage all your conversations in one inbox, using ‘milestones’ to track progress which is very helpful for streamlining your efforts.


Buzzstream screenshot

Buzzstream is another powerful tool that can pretty much be an all-in-one solution for outreach. It’s a tool which will assist you with your outreach research, relationship management and campaign delivery. Again, you can build a wealth of data using this tool and scale your outreach thanks to extremely efficient software.

Buzzstream has an army of advocates, mainly due to its unique features. The magic of Buzzstream is its ability to organise and manage data. You can build a huge database of contacts and store a wealth of info, adding new bloggers to your account with one click.

The tool is also incredibly customizable. You can build a unique platform to manage your outreach with a set up that’s built for you. It streamlines the entire outreach process. Buzzstream is definitely worth a look, particularly if you deal with a lot of blogger link building.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach logo

Similar to Buzzstream and Pitchbox, Ninja Outreach is a full service outreach tool. It’s a tool that’s sometimes overlooked, with many marketers opting for the alternatives on the market. Ninja Outreach certainly deserves its place on this list, being a tool that has powerful email template features automatic outreach options and much more.

Ninja Outreach also has some great built-in email analytics. You can track your best performing outreach templates, analysing open-rates, click rates and reply rates. Overall, Ninja Outreach is a top tool that will definitely improve your outreach success.

Link Prospector

Link prospector

This is my prospecting tool of choice. Link Prospector (By Citation Labs) has immense capabilities when it comes to finding relevant outreach opportunities for your site. It will scour the web for your chosen keyword(s) and bring back a detailed list of potential opportunities.

It’s up to you to filter this list down and decide which sites are worth reaching out to. You can export all the sites in a click, this makes filtering and quality-checking much easier.


ahrefs screenshot

Ahrefs is a complete SEO suite that’s considered by most top SEOs as the #1 tool to have in your arsenal. It’s second to only Google when it comes to number of pages crawled. You’ll often find that (when compared with rival tools such as Majestic and SEMrush) that Ahrefs always brings back more data, rankings and links than anything else on the market. This is mainly due to its overwhelming amount of data.

Unfortunately, data this good doesn’t come cheap! Ahrefs is relatively expensive as a tool but that isn’t too much of a drawback when you consider how useful it is for your business. Right now (2018), nothing can match Ahrefs. You can analyse any website’s backlinks, monitor keyword rankings, keep on top of anchor text distribution and carry out just about any other SEO task.

How can you use Ahrefs for outreach? Here are some options:

  • Use the content finder to locate relevant link opportunities
  • Monitor your anchor text ratio to keep everything natural
  • Monitor which pages have which backlinks to decide your target pages for link building
  • Analyse competitor backlinks to find new outreach opportunities


SerpStat screenshot

SerpStat is a great little tool. It’s similar to Ahrefs, tracking many of the same metrics including keyword rankings and backlinks. While SerpStat isn’t as powerful as tools such as Ahrefs and doesn’t pull back quite as much data, it’s very well priced.

Starting at $19.00, SerpStat is by far the most affordable tool of it’s kind and when you consider the amount of data the tool can give you, it’s a bargain. This is the better option for niche site owners or bloggers who don’t have big agency budgets but need a reliable way to track their site’s performance. The metrics and analytics available will better inform your outreach campaigns and provide further link building opportunities for your site.


So, those are some top tools to support your outreach campaigns! Leave a comment if you know any other great tools that would be a good fit on this list.