Want to get a unique and professional infographic designed for your website? Leave it to our team of expert infographic designers!

Our designers are able to:

  • Design unique infographics on any topic
  • Work with your brief/content
  • Research and develop content/data points on your chosen subject (if required)
  • Stay in regular contact to ensure the project is completed to your specification
  • Design a high-quality piece of content for your marketing campaign or website content

You’ll also get a free infographic listing here on InfographicSchool.com, just 24-hours after project completion!

Infographics For PR

Infographics are the perfect match for your next PR campaign. They will provide journalists with a beautiful piece of content that can be that final push that persuades them to run your story, instead of your competitors. Not only will a design help you secure more coverage, but it can also result in increased link backs to your site from publications… more on this later!

Infographics For Website Content

It’s proven that infographics can increase the time a visitor spends on your page. Spicing up a blog post with a stunning design is the perfect way to capture a reader’s attention. Not only is the extra engagement a factor, but sharability will also be majorly increased when a well-designed infographic is included in your content. Graphics like this were made for social media!

Infographics For SEO

There’s no questioning that links are a top ranking factor for search engines. Instead of attempting to ‘cheat the system’ and develop an unnatural link profile, infographics will help drive natural links to your site from relevant and authoritative sources. This is the type of link building that can make a difference to your site.

Infographics For Social Media

Want to increase your social media shares and engagement? There’s nothing like an infographic to do the trick! Support your social media campaign with some image-focused content that your audience will want to share on their profiles. Increase your reach and build your online audience.

We use three different pricing options so you can get the best value for money possible. If you’d like some more information on our services, feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll reply to you asap. For now, here are the pricing options currently available.