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Infographic: How To Be More Creative

A great example of an infographic that combines great design with great data. It’s shocking to see how drastically creativity declines as we get older, with only 1 in 4 people believing they’re living up to their creative potential. According to the above, some simple changes to your routine can be a big help in increasing creativity. It’s worth noting how many of the creativity tips revolve around taking time out from your schedule to relax – something many of us should try more often! Source:

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How To Craft The Perfect Outreach Email Template

The ideal length of an outreach email is a much debated topic. According to data from Boomerang, emails between 50 and 125 words often receive the best response rates at just above 50%. That means you have around 125 words to impress your reader and persuade them to feature your site. It’s no easy task, but that doesn’t mean it’s not achievable. The Basics What is an outreach email? An outreach email is a short email you send out to a list of targeted websites, in order to get your link featured somewhere on their site (usually for SEO...

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How To Build Quality Links With The Power Of Infographics

Infographic link building isn’t a new strategy by any means, but it still delivers positive SEO results to this day. Infographics are a very popular form of link building and it’s easy to see why. They allow you to generate organic (free) links, increase the shareability of your page and drive social engagement. That’s all from a simple graphic that can be designed by a professional for around £50. Infographics can enhance your website’s SEO but they are best used alongside other link building tactics, this helps create a more diverse backlink profile for your site (which means better...

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